Hurricane Mary Gone


Bill Heading to Nova Scotia

Bermuda (CC) _Hurricane Bill continued to diminish in strength as it headed to Canada, moving northeast at 35 mph.

Hurricane Bill

            Cruise Ship Lines Sinking

Somewhere in the Atlantic (Cuba-USA Staff Reporter) _ With the recession taking a further chunk of money out of people's pockets many cruise ship companies have had to downsize, offer fewer frills, and look to a different economic model. This 1951 Chevy Truck converted into a marine vessel with air-filled drums for flotation with propeller offers a slow excursion rate. July 16, 2003 US Coast Guard PhotoCubans at Sea

Shuffle Off to Buffalo

Remember when exploding cigars were something you'd only expect to find in a Three Stooges film? Well our old buddy Dick Cheney is probably sitting out at the ranch like old man Potter pondering that possibility for a few people on his "wanna hit list"....like Lakawanna Hit List. He treated the 4th Amendment and the Constitution with about as much respect as his favorite brand of scented toilet paper, used the CIA to illegally target for assasination, and wanted to subcontract the U.S. Army much like his buddies at Blackwater to invade a suburb of Buffalo, New York. What comes next besides a new book from him? Only time will tell. Hopefully criminal charges against him will be on that list.



Havana, Cuba

Current Conditions
color satellite Showers
1:00 p.m. ET
  Wind: NE at 16 mph
Relative Humidity: 92%
Saffir Simpson Index: Category 1
Cloudy tonight with showers tomorrow.

If you are interested in travelling to Cuba there are many ways to go about it. Our wonderful travel agents pictured below would be happy to accomodate you...especially the fat looking guy!sgt garcia

If you are travelling with a Specific License as a United States citizen subject to United States law, for the purpose of visiting Cuba other than as a tourist, you will need a visa issued by and from the Republic of Cuba. If you travel initially as a tourist you will only need a tourist card to enter Cuba legally. However, if your status changes (from tourist to licensed visitor) you may apply for a change of status by contacting the United States Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba.

"The right to travel is a part of the liberty of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment"... Justice William O. Douglas, Kent v. Dulles (1958)

For the past forty-five years United States citizens had been barred from spending U.S. dollars in Cuba. Not travelling to Cuba per se... but... from spending money in Cuba!. Now that the village idiot has been embarassed back to Texas, the Obama Administration has made it easier for family members living in the United States to travel and spend money in Cuba, without burdensome financial constraints.

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